Type of EducationForm of StudyPrerequisiteDuration
Type of EducationLevel 5 vocational educationForm of Studynon-stationary session study or workplace-based learningPrerequisitesecondary educationDuration2 years

Who is a mechatronics technician and what can they do?

A mechatronic ensures the operation of a company’s technological devices, maintaining them and diagnosing faults. They program and configure industrial lines or robots to perform necessary commands and prescribed actions.

How can one become a mechatronic?

Form of study: non-stationary session study or workplace-based learning, one day per week.

Duration of study: 2 years.

Prerequisite for starting: secondary education.

Volume of company internship: 30 ECTS credits (approximately 780 astronomical hours).

A final exam is taken upon completion of the program.

What is learned?

The curriculum provides vocational education in electronics and automation, resulting in the acquisition of necessary professional knowledge and practical skills. In addition to professional training, the curriculum ensures competencies necessary for working in various teams, and potentially as a frontline manager. The curriculum also includes subjects that provide essential information and communication technologies for work, as well as basic skills for developing entrepreneurship and initiative.

What comes next?

Finding employment in the mechatronics field is relatively easy due to the high demand for such specialists. Mechatronic find jobs in the manufacturing industry, in companies specializing in mechatronics, automation, instrument manufacturing, or electronics. The rapidly developing field encourages further education, including applied higher education or bachelor's degree programs at universities.

Indrek Saar