Kitchen Assistant

Type of EducationForm of StudyPrerequisiteDuration
Type of EducationLevel 2 vocational educationForm of StudyFull-time school-based education (daytime)Prerequisitestudents with special educational needs; no educational requirement;Duration2 years

Who is a kitchen assistant and what can they do?

A kitchen assistant helps the chef with food preparation, handles foodstuffs, performs cleaning and housekeeping tasks, and follows the company's self-monitoring plan. They work under supervision within a team.

How can one become a kitchen assistant?

Prerequisite for starting: No educational requirements, primarily intended for students who have completed Special Needs Education.

Form of study: Full-time school-based education.

Duration of study: 2 years.

The program is conducted at the Urvaste training location.

Upon completion of the curriculum, students take a level 2 professional exam for kitchen assistants.

What is learned?

Students learn cleaning and housekeeping, service skills, food hygiene, home economics, preparation of simple meals, and professional communication.

What comes next?

Learners acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for working as a kitchen assistant in various food service providing companies. The education prepares them for personal and societal life and lays the foundation for lifelong learning.


Vally Koorits