Catering service operations

Type of EducationForm of StudyPrerequisiteDuration
Type of EducationLevel 4 vocational secondary educationForm of StudyFull-time school-based education (daytime)PrerequisiteBasic educationDuration3 years


Who is a catering service worker and what can they do?

A catering service worker is a customer service professional who works in restaurants, cafes, pubs, nightclubs, or catering companies. During the service process, the catering service worker greets customers, presents products and services, advises clients, and takes orders. They are skilled in preparing simple meals and serving various dishes, tailored to the needs and desires of customers. A waiter or waitress acts as the face of the company—they play a crucial role in earning the trust and approval of clients.

How can one become a catering service worker?

Prerequisite for starting: basic education.

Form of study: full-time school-based education.

Duration of study: 3 years.

Volume of company internship: 36 ECTS credits (approximately 936 astronomical hours).

Upon completion of the curriculum, a level 4 professional exam for waiters is taken.

What is learned?

Students gain knowledge of the fundamentals of accommodation and catering, catering service, food preparation, beverage studies, and restaurant and party service. In addition to professional knowledge, general education subjects are studied, and vocational secondary education is obtained upon graduation.

What comes next?

There are ample job opportunities for skilled waiters and waitresses. As their career progresses, a waiter or waitress can advance to become a shift leader, service manager, or even start their own business. The best waiters and waitresses have great potential to become top-tier professionals in their field.



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